🇻🇪 Cinco de Julio (Venezuelan Independence Day) 🇻🇪

Happy Cinco de Julio (fifth of July)!! Today marks Venezuela’s (officially República Bolivariana de Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela) Declaration of Independence in 1811.
I’m out at my local Venezualan cafe, sweet pepper in Bradley Beach NJ, for the national dish: pabellón con Criollo (specifically the “pabellón con barandas” (baranda is Spanish for guard rail) is served with tajadas (fried plantain) because they keep the food from falling off the plate)

I also got another Venezuelan favorite: an arepa (cornmeal pancake) with some fresh cheese

And a Venezuelan meal wouldn’t be complete without dessert, so I got Quesillo (in most places this is a cheese dish, but in Venezuela, it’s caramel flan)


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